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銆塗8 Tube with Radar Sensor

T8 Tube with Radar Sensor (1.5M)

Product Details锛

T8  Tube with Radar Sensor (1.5M)

1. SMD2835, 120pcs, 20W, >2000lm

2. Color temperature: 2800-6500K

3. Non-insolated driver

4. Power efficiency>90%, Rendering index: 75Ra

5. Microwave control, test moving object intelligently, auto-adjust work status

6. Prefect color consistency by lumen ax, suitable for big and high-end project 

7. Only 10% consumption when standby, non-blind area

8. Sensitive area can reach 10m, 180°view angle

9. More powerful than normal sensor tube

Keywords锛 T8 Sensor Led Tube 

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