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Remarkable characteristics of LED compared with the traditio


(Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor light emitting device, can let through current is very small nearly all converted into visible light.


Gao Guangxiao

LED light effect reaches 50 ~ 200 LM / W, narrow spectrum, good monochromaticity, almost all the light can be used, and no filter directly emit light.


High energy saving

Has the characteristics of low voltage, low current, high brightness. Light incandescent lamp light energy emitted from a 10 to 12 watts of LED light source and a 35 to 150 watts a considerable. The same illumination LED energy-saving than traditional light sources from 80% to 90%.


Photochromic multi

Can choose white or colored light, red, yellow, blue, green, yellow green, orange red, and can produce bright lighting color combination and the cycle of color according to need


High safety

LED light source with low driving voltage, stable light emission, no pollution, no 50HZ, no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet B radiation, surface colour / style Ra value close to 100, color temperature of 5000K, the most close to the color temperature of 5500K.


The diversity of design shape

Domestic LED light source is composed of many single LED luminotron assembly, so than other light sources can be made more shape, easier for users, shape and size design source.


Long service life

LED using solid semiconductor chip will be converted to electrical energy, and epoxy resin package, can withstand high strength mechanical impact, LED lamp life 100000 hours, the life of the light source in 20000 hours, 12 hours of work life is more than 5 years by day, low maintenance cost.


Quick response

LED led the response time is very short, according to the requirements of ensuring switching between multiple light sources and a light source in different regions. The special power to the LED light source power supply, to achieve maximum illumination time is less than 10ms.


Lamp structure

Structure of LED lamp will completely change the lamp, according to the different professional requirements, structure of LED lamp in increasing the initial luminance conditions, after rare earth again to improve the brightness, through the optical lens increases, its brightness and improve.


Low operating cost

The other source is not only power is 2~10 times of LED light source, and almost every month to replace some of the repair engineer, wasting valuable time. The light source more and put into use, to spend in the component replacement and artificial hand is larger, save the initial investment will soon be the daily maintenance, repair costs offset. So we choose LED long life light source in the long run is very economic.

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