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LED lamp power consumption?


With the popularity of LED, many people began to decorate in the family in considering the use of LED lamp strip. But worry about the LED lamp power, therefore, some even when decorating used LED light strip, the actual use was also worried about the costs of electricity and discarded.


In fact, this is because they do not understand the power and electrical parameters of the LED lamp strip. LED light bar in general, the power per meter is 0603 1.5W, 1210 LED lamp power per meter is 5050 4.8W, the LED lamp power per meter is 7.2W. even in accordance with the 5050LED lamp power consumption to calculate the highest, with 7.2W per metre, 8 hours a day, every day for consumption:




The monthly power consumption: 57.6wh*30=1728wh (1.728kwh, namely 1.728 electrical degrees)


The annual power consumption: 1728wh*12=20736wh (20.736kwh, namely 20.736 electrical degrees)


If the LED lamps with multiple, according to this parameter directly multiplied by the number of meters can be derived LED lamp uses a daily, monthly, annual electricity consumption. In fact, in the family, everyday usage and not 8 hours, even by 8 hours, the consumption rate is almost negligible. Therefore, we can rest assured, installed do not decoration, but dare not use behind, it is a waste of resources.

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