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The classification of the LED lamp strip


LED light strip, English Name: LED strips. Because its shape is like a belt, so it can be called the LED lamp belt. The Led lamp strip because of the variety of colors, convenient use, safety, has been widely used in automobile, motorcycle,, furniture, hotel, advertising, shipping industry. The LED lamp strip classification in various ways.


In accordance with the soft of LED lamps degree, can be divided into: LED soft lamp strip; LED light bar.


According to the LED light colors, can be divided into: monochromatic LED light bar; polychromatic light LED lamp strip.


According to the LED lamp strip using place, can be divided into: outdoor LED lamps; indoor LED lamp strip.


In accordance with the use of LED lights, can be divided into: decorative LED lights; lighting LED lamp strip.


According to the LED lamp strip is waterproof, and can be divided into waterproof LED strip light; not waterproof LED strip light.

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